There was a time when a business owner has to spend a thousand dollars to get an expert to build a successful website for his business.  But today’s easy to customize DIY website builders has made the task easy. With the abundance of the best website builders, anyone can build a stunningly beautiful, super-fast and alluring website. Today’s topic is about Weebly website builder which is one of the best platform for small business.

website builderBased on the features, terms and choices selecting the best website builder are not that easy for an organization. The problem is there is no lack of best website builders in the marketplace and you don’t know which will suit your business. So, here’s the solution for you. As a Web Developer, I am going to introduce you to one of the best website builders and hosting for small business which will help you cut down the choosing process.

Weebly– an easily customizable website builder which will help you build a professional website in less than 60 minutes.  From small business to large organizations, Weebly fits all. Their exciting dragging and dropping features, mobile-friendly themes and amazing online store assist everyone set up their website without having knowledge of programming. However, if you are good at HTML or CSS, Weebly will open up their store to create a stunning website. Available in 15 languages and boasting over 40 million professional websites, Weebly remains one of the top website builders out there during its 10-year history.

Weebly Overview

Weebly is the ultimate website builder developed for the users who have little technical knowledge but a huge expectation for a well-organized professional website and grow their online business. It is considered to be one of the most user-friendly tools in the marketplace.

According to Weebly, in 2018, the number of registered users has grown 24% than the previous year. The platform offers a wide range of professionally designed templates that bring your vision to life. With the modern and beautiful templates, you can simply create a visually-appealing business website or personal blog, powerful eCommerce features to build an online store. Also, their integrated marketing tools will help you build successful email campaigns.

Regardless of the type of your business, Weebly website builder is the most effective and comfortable solution for complete beginners and pros.

But what exactly are they saying? To find the answer, we have to analyze their services. So, let’s start.

1.Weebly Website Builder Has Incredible Features

Weebly website builderWeebly is really simple to use and one of the most functional website builders. With most of the other website builders, you need to select a theme work at the back end. There are a lot of different aspects you have to take care of. But thankfully, Weebly website builder saves you from these strains. With the amazing drag and drop facilities, you can simply add all of your website components just after selecting a suitable theme.

You can rearrange or edit your content by dragging and dropping elements right on your page. Each ingredient comes with plenty of customization options so you can use them wisely. Hundreds of fonts are available on Weebly website builder so you can present your business with unique styles of fonts. Fonts are vital as it helps the readers to grasp the information from the content. The animation is not limited to cartoon and anime movies anymore, you can use the effects on your webpage too.

Basically, the effects are used to attract a user’s attention to details. Your webpage can be heaven if you use the effects properly. With Weebly, you can create beautiful images, edit, resize and retouch without leaving your page.

Video background is the latest trend in website design. It improves your website appearance, makes it more attractive and helps the users interact with the subject in a more effective way. Moreover, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are fully customizable so you can use them with hundreds of different ways. There are over 30 various layout designs including user-friendly navigations which you can use for your business.

2. Flexibility and Amazing Feature Set

amazing feature of Weebly website builderOnline Store

The business specific features of Weebly’s eCommerce store will enhance the performance of your website significantly. The features allow everyone building functional and attractive web store in the shortest time, regardless of having extensive knowledge in coding. As their eCommerce features integrated with a shopping cart, so you can start selling your products just after publishing your website.

The features also assure you for a safe payment and ensure the security of the customer’s information. You can manage your online store with ease, including product listing, shipping, monitor your business growth, inform the clients of the latest products, boost customer interest, and amazing deals & offer. The system is so advanced that if a customer selects a product to purchase that is out of stock, it will inform him/her once the product is available.

The system simplifies the shopping process and offers advanced “search” filter option so a customer finds the desired product without wasting too much time. They also provide multiple settings for handmade items, physical products, services, etc. You can make the best use of the system with your iPhone or Android when you are not in the office or on holidays. Just select one of the templates that matche your business, list products, customize tax and shipping options and you are done. The system will do the rest for you.

Besides an eCommerce store, it is easy to set up a blogging website too. The functional interfaces will allow you to create a blog page and fill it with content, images and/or videos much quicker. By signing up for Weebly website builder, you will get access to a plenty of blog templates for different niches which guarantee fast load speed and flexibility for users.

Smart Marketing Tools

smart marketing tools of Weebly website builderWeebly assists their clients to grow their business with powerful marketing tools. Who doesn’t know the importance of Email marketing to boost their sales? The strong Email marketing tool of Weebly creates automatic messages based on the activity of the registered customers. Their Email marketing service includes a set of various templates such as gift cards, coupon codes, promo newsletters, event and product information etc.

Once a user signs up for your website, s/he will receive automatic promotional Emails. The ready-made templates save additional investment which you will have to spend in creating templates by hiring an expert.

You can make your website complete SEO-friendly with the built-in SEO tools. You can set up Meta tags, header tags, do image optimization, etc. that will help your website get the highest positions in the search engines results.

Aside from SEO, Weebly allows setting up permalinks of the pages, header and footer codes, 301 redirects, etc. Regarding Facebook Ads, the awesome platform creates attractive Facebook Ads and promotions that help a business become familiar with the social networks and becomes a solid brand over time.

3. Free Website Hosting

free web hostingWeebly offers a Free hosting plan which is really surprising. Whether you are going to purchase a new hosting or migrate to another provider, Weebly hosting is highly recommended. The hosting ensures maximum uptime, super-fast server response time and 24/7/365 support. Imagine what will happen if your website goes down while the shopping process? If you are with another hosting provider, you will have to inform them and wait for long till your website is up. As long as you are with Weebly hosting, there is nothing to be worried about the performance and uptime.

4. Affordable Pricing

affordable pricingThe pricing plans vary depending on the availability of website building features, number of domains and hosting facilities. Starting with the Free plan, Weebly requires a maximum of $25/month which is really unbelievable. If you have an organization with small business, you may go with the Free plan. The free plan includes 500 MB storage, SSL enabled hosting, Weebly advertisement, and endless support.

The Starter plan offers unlimited storage, advanced site stats, SSL certificate, list up to 10 products, check out facilities and support. If you have a medium-organization, you can go with the Pro pack. It provides free domains, Google Ads, unlimited storage availabilities, password protection, list 25 products and more.

If you are starting a new online business, simply purchase the Business plan.

5. Endless Customer Support

excellent customer supportYou become connected with the excellent customer support team just after purchasing their service. As long as you are with Weebly, you don’t need to do your tasks alone. Whenever you face any technical difficulties just ping the support team via Email or live chat. They typically reply instantly based on the number and types of queries before you.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the Weebly website builder is such a platform that offers a quick and hassle-free website. Weebly will be the best choice if you are thinking of creating a small or a medium-sized website. It works perfectly for simple blogs, 5-pages corporate websites, lightweight web stores, and portfolios. In my opinion, Weebly worth the price as newer features are being added to every pack while the price remains unchanged.

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