It tends to be a little intimidating to be the newbie in any place, but more especially, the internet. There are a ton of websites operating in different industries that are up for the same market share. Worse, if you happen to be in a very competitive industry, then you need to work twice as hard as a beginner to get recognized. How then do you survive the very competitive virtual world? SEO is the best practice at increasing your brand’s visibility, drawing larger organic traffic, and gaining credibility. You should know the infallible SEO hacks.

SEO hacks

Here a couple of SEO hacks to your rescue

Capitalize On SEO Tools

Once you resolve to practice SEO, you have to be committed to it all the way. You will find different SEO tools out there to help you tackle the various facets of SEO. The best news is that some of those tools are free, while some premium ones have a free version you can use.

Diversify the tools so you can cover the different aspects of SEO like keyword research, site auditing, fixing errors, competitor research, among others. You can then follow that up with the rank trackers at Serpbook that will help you keep tabs on your SERP.

Make Google Analytics Your Friend

Talking about SEO tools, you want to make Google Analytics your best friend. This Google affiliated SEO tool is one that can help you perform an all-around optimization to your website by generating insightful results to point you in the right direction.

The tool is very easy to use, even for beginners, which makes it the ideal point to begin your SEO. The best part about Google Analytics is that it is free to use.

Compress Your Media

In the initial moments of content creation in line with SEO, you will realize the importance of visualization. However, while it may be helping you out to provide your audience with a visual perspective to your messages, it may be an undoing for you at the same time.

Uploading images that are too large works against you by taking longer to open, which in turn slows down your web pages. A slow-loading website will turn away audiences and affect your ranking on Google, which is terrible, especially for beginners. You can use a tool like a webpage Test to determine the sizes of your media.

Use Eye-catching Titles

Headlines have long been a source of great organic traffic. People go along with the fact that a headline speaks a lot about the kind of content they should expect. Accordingly, when you create titles, you should do so in a way to capture the attention of your target audience.

The trick is to make the title descriptive of what is in your copy, but enough to leave the readers in suspense. You also want to include your primary keyword in there, so you can show up in results for those search terms.

Be On Social Media And Remain Active

If you just launched your website, it is in your best interests to join a couple or tow social media platforms to help with your visibility. There are too many advantages of being on social media, the main one, reaching out to a broader audience.

Now, as a newbie, you want to work on building your followers by frequently posting relevant content and participating in other people’s posts. You can share, retweet and like what others are sharing, as long as it remains relevant to your brand.

Improve Your Audience Engagement

Your target audience is your primary focus for your brand, and Google will appreciate any attention you give to them. Ideally, you want to get involved in the affairs of your customers so much that it pulls your potential customers to you.

The first thing is to keep your response to their queries and comments timely. Make sure you respond to people’s feedback, particularly the negative ones. Avoid automated and generic messages that are impersonal and turn away your audience.

Next, come up with a variety of activities that will keep your audience around your brand longer than usual, which means providing more value. Other than the content you write, organize for online activities like competitions, as well as physical events. Remember, you may not receive as much involvement at first, but if you are consistent and spontaneous with them, then you will get their attention.

Invest In A Social Media Influencer

Much as you trust yourself with handling social media, some people are well versed with the audience and the way the different platforms operate. A social media influencer will help you put across your agenda all over social media platforms, bringing more attention to your social media handles, before you can build wide followership.

Look for a smallwig social media influencer to help you reach out to your target audience in a more natural way, and with a better understanding of your brand’s essence. You can even consolidate your ideas with them to determine your keywords that can be used as hashtags to push your brand.

Optimize For Featured Snippets

The SEO world keeps changing, and in this case, featured snippets might be your ticket to the first position on Google rankings. These featured snippets capture part of the information that is in the copy, mainly that which is a direct response to the query in question.

Ideally, you want to enrich your copy with a clear definition of terms, tables, charts, lists, among others. The more factual and relevant your material is, the higher your chance to feature in a featured snippet. Typically #0 on the rank, nullifying all your competition for that keyword.

Study Your Competition

Analyzing your competitors is another significant SEO hacks. So much as your competition can threaten your survival online, they can help you be better in matters of SEO. Typically, your competitors will be doing better than you because they have been online longer than you. But you can outrank them if you begin by studying them.

Analyze your top five competitors, then study their websites for site structure, content techniques, keyword use, among other factors. Use tools like Google Analytics as earlier mentioned, to help you understand what they are up to.

SEO may seem overwhelming, but once you get start with the SEO hacks, the whole campaign will pay off. And with time, it will be effortless to practice.


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