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Responsive web design is a method of crafting a website in a way that the entire layout, image, content offers a seamless viewing experience for users of varied devices. Google’s algorithm update made in 2015 says mobile friendliness as an important ranking factor. Google analyzes your website and then rates it based on the loading speed. If the loading time is high or the website is not mobile friendly, it could result in a drop in organic searches.

Owing to this Google’s algorithm, it has become important for website owners to optimize the website for mobile users. Although there is an option to create a separate mobile website that serves mobile users but having a responsive website is an effective yet better solution. Not having a responsive website can make businesses lose out on a great number of audiences.

As per the reports by Search Engine Land, Google confirmed that mobile searches outnumber those that take place on the desktop. This also includes countries like the US and Japan. Adding up all these things clearly indicates that responsive web design is here to survive in the long run. The responsive web design offers a large number of advantages. This blog shows clearly how websites and businesses can benefit from adopting responsive web design.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should Consider Responsive Website Design

A Seamless User Experience

user expereince design

This is one of the obvious and the greatest benefits of having a responsive website design. Websites that are not responsive distort the way your website appears on digital devices like mobile and tablet. Desktop users might not find any issue accessing your website, however, the same cannot be said for mobile users.

A website that is not mobile friendly features text that is jumbled and unaligned images. This makes it difficult for users to search for the information they are looking for. After such an experience, users would never come back to your website. To avoid such awkward situations, it is important to assess the quality of your website design.

For Increased Conversions

increase website conversion rates

If your website is difficult to navigate, you are likely to lose 61% of visitors. But if users enjoy a positive interaction with your website, chances are that 67% more likely will get converted. It simply means that by providing an optimal user experience, the chances of multiplying conversions are substantially higher. A mobile website comes with increased load times as it does not require redirection. This means that a user searching for a product or service on your website will find it easily and quickly. According to the present statistics, it can be seen that more and more customers are browsing online using mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design Is Affordable

affordable web design

Small businesses are still opting for two websites: one for the desktop and another for the mobile. This means that the cost associated with the design, development, testing, and SEO has to be paid multiple times. This affects the return on investment.

With a responsive web design, you can perform these tasks once and your business pays for them only once.

 Google Also Prefers Responsive Web Design


As stated above, a responsive web design is the preference of Google as it does not create multiple copies of the same website, a mobile, and desktop version. Instead, it creates a single website with the same URL that adapts, fits and retracts to adjust various types of devices.

Such websites offer an optimal viewing experience and are also efficient to Google because it prevents them to crawl multiple websites. This way the website will automatically rank higher on Google.

The Responsive Web Design Improves SEO Efforts

responsive web design improves SEO

Responsive websites have higher chances of ranking higher in search engines. The user-focused experience along with high-quality content increases visibility and conversions. This makes the users stick around for long.

Google refers to a responsive website design pattern. It makes a great user experience and improves SEO efforts across various platforms.

Final Gist!

With the advantages listed above, it will become easier for you to make an informed decision. Not only does it saves you time, money and efforts, but also brings increased revenue for your business. Implementation of responsive web design will reduce the maintenance costs along with ongoing SEO and improved conversions. The latest advancements in responsive web design are focused on accommodating small screens and this trend will continue to evolve. However, it is also important to focus users with a larger screen display so that everyone has a similar user experience.

If your website does not have a responsive design, start implementing it today or find an experienced web designing team to get it done for yourself.

Author bio:

Jacob Colleen is a veteran website designer employed at Webby Central, a reputed website design company. He has multiple years of experience to deliver a seamless user experience with a design that is engaging and attracts the audience. His write-ups also reflect his thoughts and knowledge.


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